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Professional online psychotherapy and counseling support for the many challenges commonly experienced on the journey to and through parenthood.

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Individual Therapy

Reproductive Counseling & Maternal Mental Health

 AW Wellness is completely dedicated to working with women, and parents throughout the perinatal period from preconception through the first year post delivery and on through the first years of parenthood.
No two journeys to or through parenthood are the same and no one should ever feel that they have to navigate it on their own.
Parents often feel that they need "a few more skills" to best meet their children's ever changing social, emotional, and behavioral needs. Common concerns range from:
"I don't feel attached to my baby. How exactly do I play with my infant?"
 "My toddler is having constant meltdowns and what I'm doing is not helping."
"My child is struggling with behavior at daycare and I don't know what to do to help!"
By partnering with parents and focusing on the relationship between parents and their child, Ashley helps parents feel more confident and competent in their parenting abilities so families can get back to enjoying life again. 

"Parenting Through the Unexpected"

Perinatal Mental Health Peer Support Group for

Special Needs &
Medically Fragile

Join us the 2nd & 4th Wednesday at 12:30 (CST)

Postpartum Support International



This group provides a safe and supportive space for sharing feelings and challenges commonly experienced from navigating the unexpected outcome of having a newborn with medical complications or special needs.


Logistics of care, juggling medical and therapy appointments and unique support needs can create an isolating and overwhelming experience. This group is for parents struggling with symptoms of depression and anxiety during the postpartum period. 

 Come share, connect and learn
you are not alone!

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