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Areas of Specialty

Women's Mental Health

- Managing Stress and Anxiety

- Coping with Depression

- Creating Work-Life Balance

- Upholding Self Care

- Mindful Self Compassion

- Enhancing Relationships

- Resolving Grief and Loss

- Navigating Life Transitions

- Caregiver Fatigue

Reproductive Counseling and Education

- Emotional Support During Fertility Treatment

- Processing and Grieving Losses

- Exploring Infertility and Family Building Options

- Overcoming Depression, Anxiety, and Anger

- Communicating Effectively to Receive Needed Support

- Infertility's Impact on Relationships, Sense of Self and Spirituality

- Navigating Assisted Reproductive Technology

- Counseling on Third Party Reproduction (Egg, Sperm, Embryo or Surrogacy) 

- Parenting After Reproductive Loss

- Overcoming Involuntary Childlessness

- Overcoming Depression and Anxiety in Pregnancy

- Coping with High Risk Pregnancy

- Managing Chronic Illness during Pregnancy

- Grieving and Processing Losses (Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Neonatal Death, Diagnosis of Fetal Anomaly) 

- Coping with NICU Stays and Unexpected Outcomes

- Healing from Traumatic Birth

-  Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (Depression, Anxiety and OCD)

- Recovering from Postpartum Psychosis

- Postpartum Adjustment and New Moms

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health 

- Child-Parent Attachment & Bonding Concerns

- Childhood Social, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

- Parenting Consultation & Support

- Special Needs/ Medically Fragile Parenting Support

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